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So…. you have and still are enjoying your cherished timepiece. Faithfully an ever-present champion on your wrist, however you can’t help but notice that your precious watch is looking tiresome, a bit flat. It’s not giving you the same va va voom as when you first had it sitting proudly on your wrist. You have always kicked yourself for the random scratches you have picked up over time and now realise that your buddy is in need of some TLC. Well you need not fear; our Basic TLC package will have it looking aesthetically awesome and like new again.

Our price for this starts from £150 plus Vat (model dependant) and includes:

Basic TLC package...

Step 1- Disassembly – The bracelet or strap is removed from the watch case. Once the case is opened the movement is then carefully removed and the rest of the watch case is dismantled.

Step 2– Cleaning – The bracelet and case are carefully placed into a special ultra-sonic cleaning tank with special cleaning formula to break apart existing build-up of skin oils and dirt.

Step 3- Refinishing and polishing – The case and bracelet of your timepiece are expertly polished and refinished back to a high standard.

Step 4– Back into the Ultra sonic- The bracelet and case are placed back into the ultra-sonic cleaning tank for one final clean.

Step 5– Re-assembly – The movement is place carefully back into the case and pressure sealed back to factory standard. The bracelet is then re-attached to the watch.


Mechanical Servicing…

Did you know your timepiece needs servicing every 3/5 years? (Yes, including yours as you are reading this)

Did you also know most Swiss mechanisms have over 130 components with some grand complications having as much as over 1,000 components!

All of which are all housed in a watch case that sits on your wrist. As time passes by these parts wear down through general wear and tear and need to be replaced. This is why we strongly advise servicing your timepiece as it will not only keep the movement in good shape but also prolong the life of your precious champion!

Prices for Mechanical servicing start from £450 plus vat (model dependent)

Below is an example of the procedure your timepiece will go through whilst in service with us:

Step 1-Disassembly – The bracelet or strap is removed from the watch case. Once the case is opened the movement is then carefully removed and the rest of the watch case is dismantled.

Step 2– Movement disassembly/ cleaning -   Once the movement is carefully dismantled, each component (remember how many there could be!) is carefully cleaned in a special ultra-sonic tank in a special cleaning formula.

Step 3– Replacement of components – Our highly trained, highly skilled and highly experienced watchmakers will carefully examine each individual component and deem weather they are good enough or in need of replacement before they are selected to be re-assembled back onto the movement.

Step 4– Lubrication and Reassembly – To prevent wear and marginalise friction. Each functional component is lubricated using the latest in advanced lubricants.  This ensures your timepiece continues to operate smoothly and accurately.

Step 5– Calibrations – In the centre or the heart of your timepiece’s mechanism lies its balance wheel, which will generally have a frequency of over 400,000 beats per day.To maintain the precision of time-keeping our highly skilled watch makers will intricately adjust the balance wheel and then electronically test your movement’s timing accuracy. Once completed, your timepiece will then be vigorously tested and observed over several days.

Step 6– Basic TLC package – As part of the mechanical service, your timepiece will also undergo the basic TLC package so it’s not just the inner mechanism of your timepiece that will benefit from being serviced but also the exterior.

Step 7– Re-assembly – The movement is carefully re-assembled by our highly skilled watch technician’s and expertly housed back into its case with its seals replaced and pressure tested to factory standard. The bracelet is then fitted onto the case.

Step 8– Quality control – Our highly skilled watchmaker will put your timepiece through final checks and quality control. The exterior and movement are checked one final time before being dispatched.

Step 9– The Pre Owned Watch Co warranty – We will give a piece of mind 12 month service warranty with all mechanical servicing. This covers the mechanism against any time keeping failures. This warranty excluded any damage or deterioration that results from an accident or mishandling of the watch.



Cell & Reseal–

We offer a comprehensive cell and reseal service for your time piece. Your watch will have the case back removed. The old cell is removed discarded, and a new cell is inserted into the mechanism. The old seals are removed and replaced with new ones. The case back is assembled onto the back of your watch and is then pressure tested back to factory standard.

These start from £45 plus vat (model dependant)

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